Welcome to the Latitude Wine Online Store

Dear Customers,
We are living in a very strange time, where the whole world seems to have flipped upside down. As a small business with a tiny team which has had to fully change the way it operates, there are a few notices and FAQ’s you need to be aware of before ordering with us.

• Our physical shop is NOT open, we are running as an online only business.

• Click and Collect is NOT possible. For the safety of staff and customers we encourage you to stay at home and let us do all the heavy lifting.

• Delivery time is set at 2-3 working days. We are working flat out to get deliveries to you sooner, but anything can happen these days.

• We are currently operating during the following hours:
   -Mon 10-5 (no deliveries)
   -Tues-Sat 10-5
   -Sun Closed
During these hours someone will be at the shop to answer your queries, if you wish to contact us outside of these hours please email info@latitudewine.co.uk and we will pick it up in the morning.

• Our in-store loyalty card system was not set up for online sales and therefore does not automatically work on the web-store. Due to the circumstances we have develoiped a way around this but it requires a manual change to your online account. Please contact us so that we can apply this change before adding items to your shopping cart. We are unable add discount after the trandsaction is completed.

• Deliveries will be placed on your doorstep.
We will knock on the door, take 5 steps back and wait for acknowledgement of the delivery. Alternatively, we can leave your delivery in a safe
place upon request.

• Please answer our calls.Once you order you will most likely get a phone call from us at some point, especially if you live in an apartment block! So if you get a call from a scary unknown number, its probably just one of our friendly drivers trying to get your booze to you.

• For our safety we will not enter apartment buildings. Please meet us outside.

• Due to the increadibly increased demeand our website has been experiencing some technical issues during checkout.
If you see a error page after attempting to finalise your order please do not attempt to make the purchase again. this can lead to duplicate purchases. if you experience this error please contact us and we will check the status of your order. we assure you that despite this hiccup our website and payments are still secure.

We can’t express how much all the support and patients means to us as a small business.

                                                                                                                                                  Thank You, Stay Safe,
                                                                                                                                                      Chris, Maxx, Nolan & Sophie