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  1. Takamaka Coconut

    An exhilarating blend of Takamaka white rum infused with pure coconut extract captures the magic of the Seychelles in every drop of Takamaka Coco Rum.

    Hints of vanilla and sweet coconut transport you to sun-drenched shores with a refreshing sea breeze of a finish. 

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  2. Takamaka Extra Noir

    Takamaka Extra Dark is a rich caramel blend of our classic column and pot rums enhanced with select rums from new French oak and aged bourbon barrels.

    An otherworldly spirit filled with body and elegance and a long, sunset warming finish.

    Sips great with dark mixers or lifts any tropical punch, adding depth to even the shallowest of gatherings.

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  3. Takamaka Spiced

    The original and most enduring in popularity, the flagship Spiced Rum is a harmonious blend of rums selected for their complementary characteristics.

    Artesian waters and local spices provide the deliciously smooth top notes and serenely pure finish, followed by lingering notes of vanilla and caramel. 

    Although you should feel free to sip this rich golden rum short and neat or with cola for a long classic, it is best enjoyed in a hammock.

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  4. Takamaka St. Andre

    Inspired by the rich heritage of its home, La Plaine St. André, this premium rum is a labour of love, aged for 8 years in American oak. 

    Gently filtered to preserve notes of vanilla, marmalade and oak with a touch of spice, beautifully integrated for a luxurious texture. 

    Enjoy Takamaka St André on the rocks or neat for a smooth, lingering finish to your day.

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  5. Takamaka White

    The beating heart of all Takamaka rums, this no-nonsense white rum is distilled to an ABV of 96% and blended with pure island spring water to bottling strength.

    A touch of Creole pot-still rum provides its soft creamy character and natural aromatic undertones typical of this Indian Ocean island.

    This light, tropical aperitif mixes well in a Mojito, Cuba Libré, Daiquiri or Pina Colada and always with good friends.

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