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  1. Doorly's 5yo

    An excellent golden rum from the talented Richard Seale's Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Doorly's 5yo is great in cocktails or for sipping on its own over ice.

    NOSE: Fruity and complex with dried tropical fruit.

    PALATE: A vibrant palate of orange and tropical fruit, toasted coconut and oak notes.

    FINISH: Balanced lingering finish with a butterscotch and vanilla finish.

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  2. El Dorado 5yo

    A handsomely packaged, beautiful little rum from El Dorado (one of our all-time favourites when it comes to Rum). El Dorado 5yo is tastier than any rum this age has a right to be.

    NOSE: Crisp with notes of coconut and icing sugar, some tart citrus with cocoa and buttery toffee.

    PALATE: Dry, medium body with notes of dark brown sugar, nutty notes with hay and coconut.

    FINISH: Long and grassy, vanilla sweet.

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  3. Hinch 5yo Double Wood Irish Whiskey

    Only the finest Ex Bourbon Casks are selected for extra maturation in Virgin American Oak Barrels for a minimum of one year.

    This second maturation gives the whiskey subtle depth, natural colour and character as befitting the use of "two woods". Paired together in small batches to give a classic smooth Irish Whiskey.

    Nose: Sweet and creamy with a touch of lemon peel, vanilla cream and tobacco.

    Palate: More creamy notes of vanilla alongside apricot, peach, cinnamon and oak spice.

    Finish: Honeyed fresh fruit, fresh melon and milk chocolate digestives.

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  4. Plantation Barbados 5 yo

    Plantation Barbados 5 years is a blend of rum from Barbados, the birthplace of rum. This blend ages first in Bourbon casks in its native tropical setting before crossing the sea to Chateau Bonbonnet in France. There, in small oak barrels primarily used to age Pierre Ferrand cognac, the rum continues its journey of aging under the watchful eye of the House’s cellar master.

    Beautiful amber gold. A true bajan rum with complex and well-balanced notes of ripe tropical fruits and vanilla, evolving to delicate hints of white peach and coconut. The palate is warm and complex with 2 different levels of flavors. The double aging creates a first wave of tropical candied fruits leading to voluptuous bourbon vanilla notes, whose richness is perfectly balanced by the fresh fruits and delicate tannins of the second wave.

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