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Noah's Mill Small Batch

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Noah's Mill Small Batch

A really outstanding and difficult-to-find small batch spirit, aged for many years before bottling, Noah's Mill is highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs alike.

NOSE: Heavy treacle and vanilla, dusted with plenty of cinnamon.

PALATE: Ginger, black pepper, honey-drizzled sponge cake and cooked pear.

FINISH: Honey-roasted nuts, sharp green apple, another kick of pepper.



Noah’s Mill was released as part of the Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Collection, along with Pure Kentucky, Rowan’s Creek and Kentucky Vintage in the 1990s by Willett Distillery. You wouldn’t know that if you looked at it, however, as neither Willett, nor the Kentucky are listed on the bottles labels, which instead credit ‘Noah’s Mill Distilling Company’ as the producer.

Noah’s Mill has proved to be an inspired release. The brand’s quirky, rustic aesthetic, featuring conventional wine bottle shape and a label design that resembles an old fashioned, pencil-like drawing of a mill, stream and woodland has proved to be the ideal accompaniment to an exceptionally well made and balanced bourbon. When it was first released, Noah’s Mill carried a 15-year age statement. However, with an increasing difficulty to source bourbon, the age statement was dropped and is now listed as being aged as ‘until fully mature’, although the blend of bourbons used are said to be aged between four and 20 years.

Regardless, it is still a reputable and sometimes difficult-to-find small batch bourbon that is regularly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Noah's Mill Small Batch
Country USA
Region Kentucky
ABV% 57.20%
Size 700ml
Dietary Information No

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