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Chairman's Reserve

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Chairman's Reserve

Chairman's Reserve is a blend of double distilled pot still and continuous still rums from the beautiful island of St. Lucia. A worthy winner of a Gold Medal and "Best in Class" award at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2008.

NOSE: A rich, fruity nose. Good sweetness with cooked banana, caramelized fruits and spicy oak derived vanilla.

PALATE: Medium to full with a supple delivery. Sweet spices. Creamy with chocolate, golden raisin, tobacco and clove.

FINISH: Medium, fruity & creamy.




When sugar was introduced to the island in the late 1700’s it revolutionised the society, the reverberations of which are still felt today. The labour-intensive crop generated a demand that was satisfied by the trade of African slave labour, and later by Indian indentured labour, introducing what is now the primary demographic of the island’s population and rum’s first consumers.

The island of St Lucia featured many small plantation distilleries, remnants of which can still be found around the countryside. By the 1950s there were only two operational distilleries left on the island - one of which was the Barnard Family Estate in Dennery, which was for the most part producing strong white rums. In 1972 the Barnards entered into a joint venture with Geest and moved their operations to the current location in the Roseau Valley. As sugar production had ended by then, the raw material, molasses is shipped from Guyana into the bay at Roseau where the viscous, aromatic syrup is pumped to storage tanks at the distillery.

The expansion of the distillery and its product range has meant the introduction of a portfolio of rum and rum-related products which offer a wider choice to a larger cross section of society. Rum has evolved both in quality and perception, to appeal to St Lucia and the world’s most discerning palates.


Committed to innovation and quality, St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies is a small rum distillery situated in the scenically beautiful and agriculturally rich valley of Roseau on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. A passionate team of distillers, blenders, engineers, technicians and administrative staff work together to produce some of the world’s best rums and rum products. St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies products have been recognised at the world’s most exacting competitions, winning numerous accolades and awards. The Company prides itself on its commitment to product development and has an offering of over 25 rums and rum products from premium rums and liqueurs to traditional pouring rums. St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies is HACCP compliant.

St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies emerged from a tradition of the on-site, house-special rum production that was a common feature of the West Indian sugar plantation. Sugar’s by-product, molasses was fermented and distilled to rum, the demand for which has been a constant through the fluctuations of West Indian plantation economies. By the late 1950s, two distilleries remained, one at Dennery, the site of the Barnard family plantation, and the other Geest-owned at Roseau, the location of the now St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies.

St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies was formed in 1972 when the two distilleries amalgamated producing a now-discontinued blend of rum whose name reflected the merger, Denros Bounty Rum. The Barnard family bought out the Geest shares in 1992 and in 1997 sold shares to Trinidad-based Angostura Ltd., giving the company a wider regional presence and the capital to pursue the product development philosophy which has since characterised St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies. In 2005 the Barnard family, planters and rum distillers for over a century sold to CLICO, with third generation rum-maker Laurie Barnard staying on as Managing Director.

St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies, in the thirty nine years since its inception, has grown from producing a single-label mass-market rum to a portfolio of premium rums and liqueurs.

Today, St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies boasts a range of over 25 rum and rum-related products which have performed exceptionally and won honours at international competitions.


Chairman’s Reserve was first blended in 1999 and was overseen by the then Chairman, Laurie Barnard who conceived a quality rum which was blended using continuous and pot still rums coming on stream after ageing. Local demand has been phenomenal and the brand has expanded internationally, where the versatility of the rum makes for great cocktails.

Chairman’s Reserve recently won Gold - Best in Class at the International Wine & Spirits Competition and Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Maturation: In American oak casks - Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Buffalo Trace - separately by still, then blended and reintroduced to oak for a further six months to marry.

 Age: A blend averaging 5 years.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Chairman's Reserve
Country St. Lucia
Region n/a
ABV% 40%
Size 700ml
Dietary Information No

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